Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Theodore Roosevelt


Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally (ROAR) is calling all action groups, parish councils and residents to join us as we present a united front opposed to the senseless concreting over of green fields surrounding our towns, villages and hamlets in the name of economic progress.

As a result of government policy, planning has become hijacked by developers motivated by profit, not by the best interest of local communities. So-called "sustainable development", as enshrined in the NPPF, has created open season for speculative developers to target greenfield sites on an excessive scale and in inappropriate locations. Local authorities which can not demonstrate 5 years' housing land supply are now vulnerable to having planning application refusals overturned at appeal based only on an untested and presumptive economic need, completely ignoring the social, infrastructure and environmental impacts.

This is NOT sustainable development and this is NOT localism. 

ROAR believes this is an intolerable situation and is campaigning to change the current position, in which localism has been sacrificed on the altar of new housing at all costs. 

Over 300 people from all over Oxfordshire joined us on Saturday 24th January at Church Green, Witney, in the constituency of our Prime Minister.

​We had a range of speakers discussing the issues and we ROARED.

Time for Change, NOW WE ROAR

Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally is an independent group of residents and action groups who want their views on unsustainable development to be heard loud and clear ...

If you are involved in a local community fighting inappropriate development then sign up.

You are NOT alone - Future Rallies in development


Sustainable does not mean just Greenfield Sites