Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally

Groups from all over Oxfordshire came to Woodstock to ROAR.

Bicester, Wolvercote, Abingdon, Adderbury, Witney, Kidlington, Wretchwick and Woodstock.

We discussed the failures of the current system and the highjacking of planning by the unelected and unaccountable LEP's and their dubious Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) deriving the wishes of developers housing need through the linked Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA), all of which is of little to NO value for those seeking a first or even modest home of their own or even an affordable rent.

We ask for one simple but critical thing of whitehall before this folly damages our environment and the futures of the next generation: that is hand back planning to the local elected officials and the local community, they know what's best for their whole community NOT the developers and Landowners sniffing a quick profit.

We have a housing crisis, if this carries on, no young person, hard working family or single professional will ever meet their aspiration of owning a home of their own or even be able to rent an appropriate residence. 

Let us build what is needed for our communities, including the right infrastructure, NOT what makes the most money for some but what delivers for this and future generations.

​Please help your community by clicking on the links below and make your voice heard:

1. Getting the right homes in the right places   Take Action

​2. Make Local Enterprise Partnerships accountable or disband them   Take Action

​3. Stop building on floodplains   Take Action

Speakers ...

Peter Jay (Chairman of ROAR)

Richard Harding (Chairman CPRE Wallingford)

Linda Ward (Kidlington Development Watch)

​Nigel Wood ( Campaign to Save Addenbury)

​David Illingworth (North Abingdon Local Planning Group)

Bob McGurrin (Woodstock Action Group)

Pam Roberts (Save Gavray Meadows) 

Michael Earnshaw & James Glaiser (Save Bicester) 

​Dr. Katherine Kaye (Wolvercote Action Group))

Lewis Owens (Windrush Valley Protection Group / ROAR)